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Danny Lamb is a Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Entertainer, Motivational Speaker, Musical Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Music Teacher. Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (December 16th, 1987), Danny was a young kid when he discovered a voice inside of him that would not only inspire his passion for the power of music in peoples lives, but his love for working with people to be the best versions of themselves, to build community, and change the world. Since then, Danny has not only travelled the world doing just that, but has worked as a Motivational Speaker, and facilitator, using music as a way to help youth discover their own voices, passion, and purpose, as well has been featured on such networks as The BBC, and CTV, and written up by Canadian Musician Magazine for his work with a music initiative he founded (2013) called ‘A Song, A City’ – an initiative geared towards empowering and amplifying the voice of Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus. Most recently, Danny has founded the ‘Danny Lamb School Of Music’ that offers music lessons across a number of different instruments, both online and in person, and continues to work towards using music to inspire and influence people, and create change locally & globally.


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